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Interview Tips

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This is the moment in your job search you’ve been waiting for; the chance to differentiate yourself from the pack, impress some strangers, and land yourself an awesome job. There is a lot of information out there on interview tips, and much of it is very valuable. This post won’t hit on every single strategy [...]

My Personal Internship Story

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The first week of my last term in college, I was frantically looking for a job or internship to fill a gap in my schedule. I knew at the minimal, I needed to have some type of internship story to tell future employers. I wanted to work in advertising or marketing, and found an unpaid [...]

The Importance of Internships

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Why get an internship? I’m sure you have probably heard how important it is to get an internship, and how important that internship will be when finding a job. I prefer the word helpful instead. I want to make it clear that it is not impossible to get a decent job if you don’t have [...]