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Free Cover Letter Template

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This cover letter template is pieced together from a couple of different sources. Much of it comes from someone I had an informational interview with; other parts came from my own research, and a lot came from my own personal tweaking and adjustments. It took me several years to finally stumble upon a cover letter template that [...]

Tips to Writing Cover Letters

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Cover letters are an essential part of getting yourself noticed and respected when applying for a job, especially in today’s job search market and when a majority of your resume submissions will be online. If you are looking through job postings, you'll notice that many will ask you to provide a cover letter along with [...]

Using Your Personal Social Network to Get a Job

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The term personal social network instantly calls to mind various well-known online sites created to connect with others. Believe it or not, this term used to, and still does, apply to groups of people that have actual face-to-face contact with one another. This post will address the importance of both online and offline networking and examine [...]

Informational Interviews and How to Use Them

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What is an Informational Interview? An informational interview is exactly what it sounds like. You are “interviewing” someone for information that you want. As opposed to a traditional job interview, during an informational interview the job seeker or current student is the one doing the interviewing. Informational interviews  traditionally occur between a professional  in a [...]